♥ Princess Serenity’s #DisneyKids Preschool Playdate ♥

Princess Serenity Loved Her #DisneyKids Preschool Party! | The Homemade Creative

*This post is sponsored by Disney and Mom Select; all opinions are my own.* *This post contains affiliate links; purchases help support this blog.* This past Saturday I pulled my act together long enough to clean and decorate the house in time for a bunch of Serenity's friends to come over for a #DisneyKids Preschool Playdate! Four moms and nine kids joined us, and filled our little house to the ... [ Read More ]

Making Mornings Mindful

Making Mornings Mindful | The Homemade Creative

*This is a sponsored post; all opinions are my own.* I don't remember a time when my mornings were calm, much less relaxing, centering, refreshing, or any other kind of hippie-awesome (I say that lovingly, I'm definitely a hippie girl in many other ways). And I wish I could say that I've figured it out; that I've managed to harness my desire for calm with my big girl pants and they've together ... [ Read More ]

45 Fantastic Thanksgiving Tablescapes

45 Fantastic Thanksgiving Tablescapes | The Homemade Creative

*This is a sponsored post; all opinions are my own.* Pinterest is my guilty pleasure; I've spent more time decorating my holiday boards than I have my actual house, this fall, thanks to incessant illness over the past month and a half. Sometimes reading about what other people do can inspire, and sometimes it can make you feel like you're never going to measure up. So to help us all out a bit, ... [ Read More ]

Wordless Wednesday #15 – Noah’s Ark

Wordless Wednesday #15 - Noah's Ark | The Homemade Creative

*This post contains affiliate links that help support this blog.* We gave Serenity her Fisher-Price farm set for her first Christmas, when she was seven months old. She got her house and family for her second Christmas at one and a half, and we picked up an older style Noah's Ark set at a flea market for a couple of dollars this past summer, a few months after she turned two. She loves to line ... [ Read More ]

Contemplating Christmas Cards

Contemplating Christmas Cards | The Homemade Creative

*I was compensated for writing this post; all opinions are my own.* Every year I tell myself I'm going to write a family newsletter and send it out with a pretty picture in a meaningful card in the run-up to Christmas. Care to guess how many times in seven years of marriage that's actually happened? Yep - zero. This year is shaping up to be no different, but that hasn't stopped me from ... [ Read More ]