The Homemade Creative’s Christmas Gift Guide 2014

Christmas Gift Guide 2014 | The Homemade Creative

Welcome to The Homemade Creative's Christmas Gift Guide 2014! It may be a wee bit overdue, but it's JAM-PACKED with pure awesome, and I know you're going to love it. Simply click the image to go to the guide. Nick, Serenity, and I carefully picked every item in the guide, and we would love to know which ones are your favorites, and if you picked anything out for your family and friends as gifts ... [ Read More ]

A Baby Shower For Kristine + Baby Stephen

A Baby Shower For Kristine + Baby Stephen | The Homemade Creative

*Decorations were sponsored by Minted.* My sweet nephew, Stephen, was born on his sister Talia's second birthday, a few weeks ago. When Cinda was born, we lived hours apart so a shower wasn't an option, and Nico was born less than two weeks after we moved to Illinois, and some of the girls from puppet team threw a shower for him before we arrived. So I was pleased to give Kristine a baby shower ... [ Read More ]

“Sharing Your Story Can Change A Life” #LiveOnGiveOn


*Today's conversation is sponsored by Medtronic; all opinions are my own.* *Trigger Warning: child abuse and child trafficking.* They say, "Write what you know." So...I will. This past spring, my husband and I made the decision to join the modern day abolition movement --- to help end slavery in our time. Specifically, child sex trafficking. My story starts many years ago, though. My father ... [ Read More ]

Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Upright Vacuum Cleaner Review

Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Upright Vacuum Cleaner Review | The Homemade Creative

*This post is sponsored by Shark Cleaning; all opinions are my own.* I was married for five years before I owned a new vacuum. Various generous friends and family passed down their old ones from time to time, but the problem with a second-hand vacuum is that it's seen a lot of hard use before it gets to you, so even if it works great when you get it, it's most likely going to start failing sooner ... [ Read More ]

Debt-Proof Your Christmas by Mary Hunt


*This is a sponsored post; all opinions are my own.* If you find yourself dreading Christmas (or any of the holidays) because of money or obligations you can't seem to escape, read this book by Mary Hunt. Packed with money-smart tips and chapters full of wallet-savvy gift ideas, not to mention Mary's trade-mark humor, Debt-Proof Your Christmas will help you find your way through this "most ... [ Read More ]